January 22, 2009

New Speech Therapist

Kirsten called today for two reasons: (1) to see how Bertrand was doing with the taping therapy [still fussy] and (2) to see if it was alright with me to get the ball rolling on a new speech therapist.

Bertrand's speech therapy classes ended last year and new classes will start in the spring. From a social interaction standpoint, I like the classes. However, due to being the youngest child and his developmental delays, I am not sure the class setting is such a good idea. I don't want Bertrand to get overly frustrated or distract the other kids. A class for younger babies would probably suit him better--two year olds are just too advanced.

At the very least I want someone working with Bertrand one-on-one at his speed. Kirsten started on the paperwork, so hopefully in February we'll start seeing a speech therapist at home through DDI Vantage (the childhood early intervention agency for our county).

Kirsten wants Bertrand to start speech therapy because of a recent training she attended on autism. Bertrand shows many signs of autism in his sensitivity, focus and social response. She believes that, even if he is not ever diagnosed with autism, early intervention is key.


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