January 13, 2009

CT Scan "Drama"

Bertrand didn't want to be released out the airlock. :)

Bertrand had his CT scan today. We got the the hospital at 12:30pm and left at 5:00pm. This for a procedure which should have only taken an hour.

The problem really came with trying to draw blood and inserting the IV. We got in at 1pm, but then between getting lab technicians in and confirming testing orders, this pushed us until 2:20pm. Then Bertrand's veins pushed us until 2:45pm, which meant we were going to miss our deadline to pack and ship the blood work.

I called halt on the blood work after they'd pricked him 3 times with no success. We have to go back tomorrow so they can take it from an artery instead. Emotionally, this was exhausting for me, but Bertrand seemed just fine after the ordeal.

The sedative they used didn't knock him out, but made him a bit trippy, happy and more coordinated than usual! Matthew and I laughed when the nurse noted his movements and said, "Bertrand may be a bit more wobbly than usual." Ha! He was LESS wobbly than usual! He was talkative and grabbing things first try. I think the nurse thought we were crazy. She also said he could be cranky for the rest of the day, but he was an angel. Go figure. Our son doing the exact opposite of the norm. Who'd've thunk? :-P

Tomorrow we'll be at the lab by 8 am. We'll let you know how it goes.


  1. ,Gracias, Cristy, por dejarme saber de Bertrand . Me emocione de verlo en la maquina, el es tan bello. Los tengo a ustedes en mi corazon y se que todo saldra bien. Buena suerte hoy con el blood work.
    Con amor,

  2. How frustrating they couldn't find a vein to draw blood while he was sedated and that our dear Bertrand needs to go back. Hope all goes well today and look forward to the next blog report. The new blog name and your up-to-date information is great to follow. Your observations on the positive effects of the sedative was interesting. I hope this is a sign that there will be some medication out their to help improve his "jiggliness" and thus his quality of life. Love and Hugs, Nana

  3. Parece un "Angelito" en esa maquina! Por lo menos se adelanto el CT Scan y me dijo Matt que lograron las pruebas de sangre hoy.
    Muchos besos y abrazos a todos,
    Titi Lili