January 9, 2009

CT scan and blood work information

Bertrand's triple phase computed tomography (CT) scan with focus on liver will be next week on Tuesday, January 13th at 1 PM. Preliminary instructions include switching to clear liquid, such as Unflavored Pedialyte Oral Electrolyte Maintenance Solution, only 4 hours before the scan (9 - 11 AM) and nothing from 2 hours onward (11 AM - 1 PM). With sedation (30 - 45 min.), scan (30 min.) and recovery (30 - 45 min.), the whole thing should take approximately 2 hours.

I am waiting to confirm the appointment with Dr. Linda Book, liver specialist, immediately following the CT Scan. If possible, she may just call with the results and next steps.

Unfortunately for poor Bertrand, as mentioned in the prior blog post, he'll be getting his blood work drawn for the Ataxia Telangiectasia test, along with his regular blood work and the test for Sydenham's Chorea on Monday, January 12th at ~9 AM. He is part baby, part pincushion.

Bertrand's regular blood work order.

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