January 17, 2009

Bertrand, Le Gourmand

The conversion of minestrone into full, happy baby.

Today we found the trick to getting around Bertrand's picky eating: feed him cuisine. Turns out little Bertrand is a gourmand. Zwieback toast: no, no! Pyrenes Onetik Poivre Vert (a French/Basque cheese with green peppercorns): oui, oui! Homemade zuppa di minestrone Milanese: sì, sì!

Maybe baby food is too bland? He seems to love spices. And, no, he has not shown allergy symptoms to anything so far! The only symptom he is showing is increased appetite for solid food. :)

Thanks to Titi Mimi (pictured above) for the great cooking and inspiration!


  1. He has a good taste to Gourmet cooking if he likes Titi Mimi's food! Great!

  2. I am very happy Bertrand is eating and has good taste. Buen provecho, Bertrand!